Welcome to 8th Continent's Space 2.0 Markets Wiki!

The 8th Continent Project requests your input, from minor corrections to major contributions, on how space and space-derived technologies and resources are and will be used in Earth commerce. The following industries represent our short list of discussion topics. Please feel free to tackle any of them, or start a page on an industry not listed! Please limit your discussion to the integration of space resources and technology into the specific industry to which the page is dedicated. For example, within the page "Pharmaceuticals" page would reside an evolving discussion regarding how space resources or technologies are or will be used in the pharmaceuticals industry.


How space resources and technology are being integrated into...

o Agriculture
o Art
o Banking & Finance
o Biotechnology
o Capital Markets
o Chemicals
o Computers & Information Technology
o Consumer Goods & Retailing
o Education
o Electronics
o Energy & Power
o Entertainment
o Environment
o Government
o Human Resources Development
o Infrastructure
o Insurance & Risk Management
o Logistics
o Manufacturing
o Media
o Nanotechnology
o Off-Earth Consumables
o Pharmaceuticals
o Resource Management
o Sports
o Telecommunications
o Tourism