Computers & Information Technology and Space

A computer is a device that computes. Nearly all are programmable electronic machines that perform high-speed mathematical or logical operations and that assemble, store, correlate, or otherwise process information. Information technology (IT) is field of engineering dedicated to computer-based hardware and software systems, and communication systems, to enable the acquisition, representation, storage, transmission, and use of information. Successful IT implementation is dependent upon being able to optimize the overall architecture of systems, their interfaces with humans and organizations, and their relationships with external environments. Successful IT implementation is also critically dependent on the ability to successfully convert information into knowledge.

Continuous improvements in the speed and capacity of computer equipment has produced a reduction in product development times and an increase in the nature and amount of work that may be accomplished. Examples include the use computer power in weather forecasting and commercial transactions, and is expected to play an important role in space exploration and resources development. The development of space resources will require rapid and reliable information technology systems. The use, test and improvement of such systems in on-Earth analog environments (e.g., mining and excavation, power generation, etc.) is expected to lead to space-based capabilities.

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